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A vote YES on 4A will:

  • Attract and Retain High Quality Teachers and Staff

  • Enhance School Counseling and Student Mental Health Programs

With NO additional tax increase.


In 2007, Summit School District (SSD) was supported by the community in passing a Mill Levy Override to fund full-day kindergarten with local dollars. In Spring 2019, Colorado Legislature passed a bill to fund full-day kindergarten at the state level, which means that previously supported Mill Levy can no longer be collected. We need your support with a yes vote on Question 4A so SSD can continue collecting these funds, with no additional tax increase, and instead of using them for kindergarten, use them to:

  • Attract and retain high quality teachers and staff

  • Enhance school counseling and student mental health programs


What is the tax impact?


If question 4A is approved, the tax rate will not increase. If 4A is not approved, the savings to the tax payer will be $3.07 per year (0.26 per month) per $100,000 of a home’s value. This will amount to $950,000 in revenue that the school district can no longer capture.

Kay Beaton Photography

Kay Beaton Photography


High Quality Education for Summit

The State is still not fully funding K-12 education and school districts struggle to stretch their budgets to provide the highest quality education for their students. In addition, the high cost of housing in Summit County makes it hard to attract and retain the highest quality teachers and staff. The majority of these dollars will go to teacher and staff salaries.

One of the pillars of Summit School District Vision 2020 Strategic Plan is developing caring learners. Students cannot meet their full potential if they are not safe and healthy. A portion of these dollars will go toward increasing school counseling and student mental health programs.

If you would like to help support this campaign, please make a donation.